Artwork and Performances by Kimi Hugli

Kimi Hugli is an artist, actress, and yoga teacher in Charleston, SC.

"If I don’t express myself in some way, singing, moving, painting, acting at least once a day, my day isn’t really complete"

About Kimi

My paintings speak to me, sometimes they take a long time, sometimes they get done quickly. When it happens quickly, there’s a clear idea in my mind, of colors, textures, and shapes. But if it takes longer, I let the painting do the talking. By taking time to just look at a painting, it tells me what it needs, colors, shapes, textures, and eventually it tells me when it’s done. Sometimes I paint to music, a movie, the music in my mind, but mostly I paint from the inside.

Paintings and Theater

Inspiration comes and goes, sometimes I have an idea, from what I encounter in my life and things I see, sometimes I just don’t. I try not to force an inspiration, but if I do need to create something, I reach deep into the mind, and listen to a lot of instrumental music, and pull from colors and textures that I’m drawn to.

Yoga Instruction

Kimi cites a sense of fulfillment and purpose in serving others as her ultimate motivation to teach yoga. She knows that yoga can be much more than just another gym workout – it can be a lifestyle change that you take home with you.

Paintings, Performances and Poses - Kimi Hugli's Art and Yoga







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